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OV7740 Have anyone used it yet?

Associate II
Posted on June 23, 2012 at 21:57

Hi All! I´ve been working on a project that uses OV7740 omnivison sensor But I´m quite unable to configure it properly. Have anyone used it yet, to help me trough the hard steps of configuring its registers, and all.

If anyone have some information or a configuration software tool for OV sensors I´d really appreciate.

I´m using a STM32F407 to attach it, currently the config for the DCMI is as follows:

 /* DCMI configuration */ 

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_CaptureMode = DCMI_CaptureMode_Continuous;

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_SynchroMode = DCMI_SynchroMode_Hardware;

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_PCKPolarity = DCMI_PCKPolarity_Rising;

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_VSPolarity = DCMI_VSPolarity_High;

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_HSPolarity = DCMI_HSPolarity_High;

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_CaptureRate = DCMI_CaptureRate_All_Frame;

  DCMI_InitStructure.DCMI_ExtendedDataMode = DCMI_ExtendedDataMode_8b;

I set an iterrupt for frame capture and it´s triggering, but the data on DMA address is all messed up. I´m unsure what should I do. Many thanks!