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Hello, Anybody know where I can find a tutorial on building the STBLE_Sensor app for Android? Thanks

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Hello @DAlex.4​ ,

Have a look at these resources:

Hope this help you.


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Hi Imen,
Thanks for responding.
Maybe you did not understand my question. I'm looking for a detailed tutorial on how to compile the STBLE_Sensor application in Android Studio (or some comparable tool).
These links just point me back to the general information about these applications.
Hi Imen,
The problem seems to be that the APK file on your web site does not contain debuggable source code for the application.
Can you possibly point me to a real source code archive for the STBLE_Sensor app?
Hey Imen,
Sorry. I think I found it on GitHub. Apologies for bugging you.

Can you share the link please?

Hey McFlyz,
Here's the link:
Caveat tho - I'm having trouble building it. Lots of strange errors. I just finished deleting the clone and reinstalling it. Sometimes starting from scratch helps.;)
Hey Imen,
Can you tell me which version of Android Studio was successfully used to build this?
I'm getting an error that should have been addressed two years ago.

The STBLE_Sensor app for Android is an app that allows users to collect and view data from STMicroelectronics sensors. The app  is available for download on the Google Play Store.

To build the STBLE_Sensor app for Android, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Install the Android SDK. The Android SDK is a collection of tools that you will need to develop Android apps. You can download the Android SDK from the Android Developer website.
  2. Create a new Android project. To create a new Android project, you can use the Android Studio IDE. Android Studio is a free IDE that you can download from the Android Developer website.
  3. Add the STMicroelectronics BLE libraries to your project. The STMicroelectronics BLE libraries are available for download from the STMicroelectronics website.
  4. Write the code for your app. The code for your app will need to include the following components:
    • A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scanner. The BLE scanner will scan for BLE devices in the vicinity of your phone.
    • A BLE connection manager. The BLE connection manager will connect to a BLE device and manage the connection between your phone and the device.
    • A data receiver. The data receiver will receive data from the BLE device.
    • A data viewer. The data viewer will display the data that is received from the BLE device.
  5. Build and run your app. To build and run your app, you can use the Android Studio IDE.