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Display Upgradation.


I found an Oscilloscope project ( but I want to make the display larger. I currently have a 2.8 TFT SPI 240x320 v1.1 Display (Vcc, Gnd, Reser, DC, SDI[MOSI], Sck, Led, SDO[MISO]), and I want to use it as a substitute for a 1.3-inch OLED SPI Display Module (GND, Vcc, SCL: SPI clock, SDA: SPI data, RES: Reset, DC, BLK: Led).The problem is that they have different pins.

Is that possible? If it is, is there a display driver I should buy? or please suggest a pinout details. 
Also, I would like to hear about the coding. Is there other else should I edit besides the display area values?

Hoping you can help me. Thank you...

Here some details might help:
***Project Files:  Oscilloscope_STM32F103C8T6_ST7789 V1.1
***Schematic Diagram:


 ***2.8 TFT SPI 240x320 v1.1 Display:

2.8 TFT Dislay (Touch).jpg