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STM32H747I-DISCO trouble recording audio


I'm working on an audio-processing application with the STM32H747I-DISCO board (MB1166-A9). While trying out how the recording works on the board, I downloaded and built the latest version 1.11.0 from:

Specifically, the code in:


I noticed that the LCD part requires some effort to switch to 1.11.1 version (I failed to manually add (the github one didn't provide BSP) the NT35510 library to version 1.11.0 in BSP because some linking issue), so I modified the main function to directly running the AudioRecord_demo function and deleted the last while loop in AudioRecord_demo function (so it would never be in a stop state).

The main function looks simply like this: 

while (1){
if(ButtonState == 1){ BSP_examples[6].DemoFunc();


I have verified that the speaker is working with the AudioPlay_demo, but the recording is not. I used the debug mode to run through the code and found no errors. It entered both BSP_AUDIO_IN_HalfTransfer_CallBack and BSP_AUDIO_IN_TransferComplete_CallBack. The input buffer (recordPDMBuf) was always 0xFFFF, letting the output buffer (RecPlayback) was always 0xFF7FFF7F. 

I wonder if there's any insight in recording audio on this board. 

Thank you!