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How to implement a high speed UAC 2.0 audio device on STM32F429 with external PHY?

Associate III

Hi All,

I've been experimenting with modyfing the USB Audio example from CubeMX to get it working as a asynchronous high speed device.

I'm using a STM32F429 on a custom board with externally clocked audio codec and external phy.

Thus far, I have audio playback, but it sounds horrible.

Searching around on the ST forum it seems that the example doesn't support HS mode, only FS.

I found out that the Audio Class 1.0 version used in the example, doesn't support HS in the first place, so I plan to rewrite it to make use of the Audio Class 2.0 specification.

By the looks of it, this should be possible once the descriptors have been updated to the 2.0 audio spec. Could there be anything else standing in the way? Is there anyone out there who tried to do this before?