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Validation on target Error on STM32F4291-DISC1. E801(HwIOError): Invalid firmware - COM4:115200


Hey. I’m quite new to microcontrollers and also have this question. I’ve checked all the solutions but didn’t work. I need help.

I am using STM32F4291-DISC1 board and validating an LSTM model on target. I got the following error: E200(ValidationError): stm32: Unable to bind the STM AI runtime with "prediction_model" c-model:

 connection to "serial:COM4:115200"/"COM4:115200" run-time fails 

 E801(HwIOError): Invalid firmware - COM4:115200

I believe it is a single core I don’t have Cortex-M7 option to switch.

Also, I’m using STM32CubeIDE. After compiling and running the code, the RAM and FLASH usage are:

0693W00000SuBZzQAN.pngIs it normal? I am wondering if it is because the model is not download into the board. 

ST Employee

Hello @HLU.1​ ,

May be this post helps you: Anyone faced this type of issue and got resolved


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