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Keras 2.12.0 support

Associate II

I want to know when will stm cube ai support keras 2.12.0 because for now it only support up till 2.11.0. I can't seem to downgrade my keras version as it require to downgrade more dependencies.

Furthermore I converted my lstm keras (h5) model to tflite but it gives me "transpose of batch size not supported" error on analyze any solution?

ST Employee

Support for TF/Keras 2.12 has been introduced in X-CUBE-AI 8.1 that will be available mid june.

I'm interested to have your tflite network that you can't import to see if it is supported now or if I should open a bug to the development team.


Thanks for the reply. Here is the tflite model. it is a simple time series gru model which takes array of 12 sequences. It gives me "NOT IMPLEMENTED: Transpose of batch not supported" error on analyze.

ST Employee

There is already a bug opened on this issue with a similar model, I've added yours and let you know when it is fixed

Ok np, I will wait for the next version. one more question in this model i have used the batch size of 32 should i decrease the batch size to 1 and re-analyze?

hi i am facing the same error 

how i can i fix the issue ?