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STM32H745 and RTOS timers


I'm using AzureRTOS to develop on the STM32H745. I've started with the CM7 core and I've generated some basic code using CubeMX. I've selected TIM6 as a time base for HAL, since AzureRTOS will take over systick for it's uses.

I've made a couple threads. A main thread that does nothing more than output both tx_time_get() and HAL_GetTick() and a thread that listens on a TCP port. Of course, there is a NetX thread that is created by the NetX code to handle the networking.

All is well. I've moved over to the CM4 to implement some code. I've created a different project using CubeMX using TIM7 as a time base.

However, the timer interrupts do not seem to trigger on the CM4.

tx_time_get() and HAL_GetTick() always return the same, respective, values. Trying to sleep a thread on the CM4 does not work at all. In fact, when a try to implement an infinite loop on the CM4 is actually causes the CM7 to stop processing it's threads. I feel this is all tied to the timers. But until I can solve the issue with the timer interrupts on the CM4, I can't progress any further.

So) Have I configured this correctly using two different TIMers for the HAL time base?

Why isn't the CM4 timer system working? The two projects are set up nearly identically with respect to the TIMers and ThreadX setup on both the CM4 and CM7.