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STM32H723 + FileX/LevelX and LX_DIRECT_READ

Davide Dalfra
Associate III

Hi all,


I'm currently working on a NUCLEO-H723 board , trying to improve performance of FileX/LevelX.
First of all, seems cache is enabled (FX_DISABLE_CACHE is commented) and LX_NOR_SECTOR_MAPPING_CACHE_SIZE is set to 8.

I'm trying to access to the first 8 bytes of a file consequently but each time i trigger a read it always falls into the LX driver in charge of reading over DMA to the ext flash.

Is cache really working or not?


Then while working on that i tried to enable LX_DIRECT_READ, hoping that this will do a read access directly to the memory-mapped octo-spi flash. Nothing work , but a question raised: where do i have to set the base-address for the memory-mapped read access?


Thanks in advance to all




Hello, i tried to enable LX_DIRECT_READ too, but is not clear how to use it properly, there aren't documentation online, it is suppose that it has access to external NOR by address (similar to FMC), or I misunderstood?

Associate II

I am in the same situation.  I wanted to try and enable direct read, but I trap because the address isn't configured, and no info how to configure it.