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STM32 USB VCP not enumerated

Associate II

Hi all,

I created a CubeMX project with SM32F072 with just basic function for USB CDC and it works fine. However, if I add more peripherals to the project, such as adc and timer, the VCP is not enumerated on my PC. Nothing shows up on the Device Manager, the Device Manager window doesn't even refreshed. I have made common fixes such as increasing the heap and stack size, check the clock configuration, change USB_HS_MAX_PACKET_SIZE and CDC_DATA_HS_MAX_PACKET_SIZE from 512 to 256, but the problem still exists.

How can 2 similar projects behave differently is what I don't understand. For the second project, I just added the peripherals when generate the code on CubeMX, I didn't even write code for it in the main loop (the main loop stays the same).

I'd appreciate if someone could point me where should I look at.