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Ethernet Integration with STM32F429IIT6 and KSZ8091RNACA PHY


Hello ST Microelectronics Support Team,

      I am currently working with an STM32F429IIT6 microcontroller and intend to integrate Ethernet functionality using the KSZ8091RNACA Ethernet PHY. I have some questions and require guidance to successfully implement this setup.

  1. Compatibility with STM32 Cube MX LWIP: I would like to inquire whether it is possible to use STM32 Cube MX LWIP (Lightweight IP) for the KSZ8091RNACA Ethernet PHY integration with the STM32F429IIT6 microcontroller. Can you provide information or any specific considerations I should be aware of when using STM32 Cube MX LWIP with this particular PHY?

  2. Availability of Example Code: I am also curious if there are any example codes or reference projects available for integrating the KSZ8091RNACA Ethernet PHY with an STM32 microcontroller, particularly the STM32F429IIT6. Having access to such examples would greatly assist me in understanding the necessary configuration and code structure.

  3. Guidance for Ethernet Development: To develop Ethernet functionality using the KSZ8091RNACA PHY, I would appreciate any guidance or best practices you can offer. This could include information on initialization, configuration, or any specific considerations relevant to this PHY and microcontroller combination.

I understand the importance of a stable and efficient Ethernet connection in my project, and I want to ensure a smooth integration of the KSZ8091RNACA PHY with the STM32F429IIT6.

Thank you in advance for your support.