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STM32L081KZT6 Programmging

Associate II

Hello! I've developed a pcb using the STM32L081KZT6

I power it with a 3v3 volt supply and I'm trying to program it via JTAG-SWD

So I connected the SWCLK and SWDIO pins to pin 24 and 23 as shown in the datasheet, then I connected ground and 3v3 to their pins

0693W000006EB7eQAG.pngI'm using ULINK2 programmer with uVision but the program only responds "SWD communication failure".

I've configured my uVision project to target for that specific micro (downloaded the packages)

I've checked this list of ULINK2 compatible devices and my micro isn't there, does this mean that the device si completely un supported and the software will return "SWD communication failure"?

If so, which device can I use to program my micro?

Thank you!


More likely a board level issue with the part not running.

Check NRST state. Make sure VDDA present .

Check part orientation and power.​

C​ould try using an ST-LINK

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Associate II

Thank you very much! I've forgot to wire the VDDA pin, unfortunately it still does not work, the power levels are present in all the power pins and the NRST is pulled up with a resistor to 3v3 and connected to the JTAG-RST

I was planning to use the internal oscillator, but do I need a crystal to program it?

When I disconnect the JTAG cable and push the program button I get the exact same response, I think the programmer does not even know that the micro is there, I checked all the connections and they're well