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Stlink V3 with Firmware V3J10 on Raspberry not working anymore. With V3J7 yes.


Hi there. I'm new here.

I've a great Problem. I have a Raspberry 4 B and I've plugged in

the stlink v3 for flashing my STM32 Board. I've installed some missing

libraries and also pystlink with pyUSB and stlink. There was no problems.

On the programmer I had the Version V3J7.... I transfered the binaries

to the Raspberry and flashed it on my stm32 board. It worked

for months absolutly great. Yesterday a friend said he have

to update my stlink in Windows - although I didn't want it. The Result...

Windows works but on the Raspberry flashing is impossible. Now

I have a Version V3J10.... on the stlink. Downgrading the stlink is

not possible as I read. I can no longer flash with the Raspberry my board. With pystlink I get on the Raspberry messages that some parameters are missing.

Is there anyone at STM that can compare the version V3J7 and the version

V3J10 which parameters may have been left out?

I'm getting desperate because the stlink have to work again with Raspberry. But how.... ?

Is there a way to get the stlink to run under V3J10 on Raspberry... ?


Downgrading the stlink is

not possible as I read.

are you sure about that?

I use it with openOCD in my raspberry, it works with bash commands.

I bet you could trigger bash scripts from your python code if needed

we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk