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Amicam1 internal ADC usage extention


I'm using Amicam1 module with stm32L476RG. I've reworked the default example and enabled signal recording for 5 microphones using Amicam1 ADC and STM internal ADC and streaming 5 channels to PC. The problem is that I need all channels to be syncronized but due to usage of different ADCs the signal from channel 5 has a time shift. The minimal requirement is to syncronize channels for MICs 4 and 5. I've decided to add one more ADC channel from ADC1 and connect signal from MIC4 to it. So I've excluded DFSDM configuration for internal ADC and confiured ADC1 separately for two channels scan (channel 5 and 6). ADC conversion triggered by TIM3 and using DMA2 values are delivered to memory. The approach itself seems working. But the problem here that I'm getting incorrect values from ADC (~3000 or ~65000 etc.).

Coulld you please sugest what could be the reason for that? Is it possible to use MIC5 input without DFSDM?

Does my approach can be applied at all?