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SPV1040 behaviour with a battery charger IC



I am wondering about the behaviour of the SPV1040 MPPT converter used with a battery charger (specifically the LTC4162-L but I think it would be similar with any battery charger IC). I need to charge a 2S Li-ion battery which is why I connected 2 SPV1040 in series. I need an input voltage of 9V to get the LTC4162-L to start charging.

I have access to 2.5V and 5V solar panels. In order to maximize the functionning range of the boost converter, I would tend to choose the 2.5V solar panels. However, this reasonning would make sense for a fixed load but since I am using a battery charger, I guess the current used by the battery charger will vary accordingly to the power available. If that is the case I am not sure if there is a difference between using a 2.5V solar panel or a 5V solar panel. An other interesting point is that if I use a 5V solar panel I am sure that the voltage will always be enough to start charging the battery.

My question is: is there a difference between using a 2.5V or a 5V solar panel in term of MPPT efficiency? And which solution would be best for my application?

Best regards.