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Erwan YVIN
ST Employee

Dear All ,

SPC5Studio updated components are available (56,57 on 58)

more information on

New or updated components

RLA 1.13.0

   SPC58xHxx (cut2) :

       Header file update

       Add support for networking test

       Add package eTQFP144, eLQFP176 and FPBGA302 to the Platform Component

       Add HyperRAM, HyperFLASH and CANnelloni test support for test framework component

   SPC582Bxx, SPC584Bxx, SPC58ECxx:

       input channel support for I2S driver


       16 bit register address for I2C driver

   SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58x:

       Add selection of C or C++ linker in Platform component

GTM 1.13.1

   Enable ATOM2 for SPC572Lxx

ILi9341 1.5.0

   LCD can be directly drived with an HW DSPI

BCM 1.0

   SPC58xHxx (cut2) :

       Add Broadcom support in TestFramework for DVK

Best Regards