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mki109 log out with time or iner RTC


Is there any way to logging out data from MKI109v3 with any time reference ?

ST Employee

Hi @OBaha.1​ ,

I checked internally with our Unico developers, and it is not possible to directly log the timestamp of the acquisition, especially the sensor internal timestamp.

For a relative time-base, what you could do is to use the ODR (particularly accurate when <5kHz) and to reconstruct the timings from 1/ODR time step.

For an absolute time-base, you might build a script combining your system clock with the data streamed on USB: in this way you might get a discrete synchronization at least at the level of some 1/ODRs.

Please let me know if it can be a someway useful indication.



Hi Eloen

First of all, thank you for answering and checking with the experts.

The solution of determining an independent timeline by calculation 1 / ODR is not relevant, this is because this figure is exactly the figure I want to check ...

The second option is correct, but if I was interested in writing code, I would not purchase a development kit but connect to the component myself. So, if you can provide me with some code that monitors the USB and adds a time tag it would be nice. Alternatively, you can upgrade UNICO (preferably at the microcontroller level) so that it will issue an adjusted time tag. This would be, in my estimation, an addition that would benefit many users.

Anyway, the answer helped to understand where I stand and made me happy to see that there are people behind the product who do not neglect the customers.

Thanks and Regards,

Oded Baharav

Hi Oded,

first, let me thank you for the appreciation, even if I'm afraid we do not have precisely the solution you are looking for.

There might be the possibility to use Unico Lite, which is equipped by the source code and allows the developer to work at lower level than when using the UnicoGUI: you can configure it to stream the raw data on the USB and you can add the PC timestamp to your program.