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ISM330DLC gyro strange measured values


Dear ST Team,

Greetings. I'm currently employing the ST ISM330DLC accelerometer and gyrometer in my application.

I've noticed some unusual readings when the gyrometer is stationary, and I would like to inquire whether this is expected behavior.

I've opted not to utilize the built-in filters within the chip, and I'm seeking confirmation that my configuration is accurate.

Should the frequency of the loop reading the accelerometer and gyroscope match the Output Data Rate (ODR)?

In the example I provided, the ODR is 208, but the main loop operates at a rate of 250ms. I opted for this configuration as a test for the chip, and I haven't implemented the interrupt yet to handle speed and angle adjustments.



Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @NSemrHomeInit ,


What do you mean with "strange values"? Can you share a short log?

In addition I suggest you to use our official PID examples on Github that you can find here 🙂

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