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For iNEMO sensors, what Gyro Scale calibration is recommended?

Associate II

We are using Motion_AC to calibrate Accelerometer Offset & Scale, and Motion_GC to calibrate Gyro Offset. However, we have found a need for also correcting the Gyro Scale. We work with the LSM6DSM and ISM330DHCX sensors. We found that within a particular production batch of a particular iNEMO sensor model, the correction coefficents are very similar. However the coefficients for LSM6DSM and ISM330DHCX are different. And the coefficients for a batch of ISM330DHCX from 2020 are very different from the coefficients from a second batch of ISM330DHCX from 2021.

1) Should these differences in coefficients between iNEMO models be expected?

2) Should these differences in coefficients between different "batches" of ISM330DHCX be expected?

3) Given we are seeing these differences, what type of scale calibration does ST recommend for highest accuracy integrated gyro angles?  Are there any whitepapers that address this?

4) If such calibration is required, is it sufficient to calibrate each new "batch" of sensors, or should calibrating each individual sensor be required?

5) Specifically for ISM330DHCX, the datasheet indicates it features " Embedded compensation for high stability over temperature".  No further explanation could be found. What exactly does this embedded compensation mean? For instance, does it mean both the offset and scale factor are stable over changes in temperature?

Many thanks for any details you can provide.