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Is there a document that describes the Python data types for events received by the BlueNRG GUI script?

Associate II

I have a device sending notifications to a BlueNRG-2 Eval board (STEVAL-IDB008V2) configured as central/master. I modified the script file to work with my device. Everything works until I receive a notification with an ACI_GATT_NOTIFICATION_EVENT. I try to extract the data in the Attribute_Value with Python but only get Python error messages.

From the error messages, the 53 byte notification does not appear to be a list or byte array or any other iterable type. The best I can figure out is that it thinks it is an integer!! A 53 byte integer. I wasted a couple of days on this until I found the GET_LIST function in the BlueNRG GUI User Manual.

I'd like to avoid wasting my time like this again. Is there documentation on the Python data types for Bluetooth events?