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Debugging problems while executing x-cube-blemesh1 package

Associate III

While debugging x-cube-blemesh1 package It is not debugging properly. After clicking on the download and debug option in IAR even though I put break point after main it is not hitting that point, continuously running without stopping at the break point. and also stucking in the hall delay. Please help me with this.


Is SysTick or other tick source running when it gets stuck in delay? Can you run until the delay exits and see where it is being called from?​

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Associate III

actual thing is It is not exiting from the delay


Can you double-check the debug settings ? If it is "simulator", you will possibly see this issue

If it's ST-LINK already, then this is surprising.

Which version of IAR you are using ?

Associate III

By changing the some IDE Configuration I able to debug the code.