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VL53L5 GPIO uses?


I have exposed both GPIO1 and GPIO2 pulled up to VDDIO with a 47 K resistor on my VL53L5 breakout. GPIO1 is used as the interrupt. What can I use GPIO2 for, another interrupt? It would be very convenient to have a date ready interrupt on GPIO1 and a threshold interrupt on GPIO2, for example...

Is there an AN describing use of these GPIOs?

ST Employee

At the moment the GPIO2 is undefined. But the firmware running in the VL53L5 is downloadable, so it's subject to change. But at moment GPIO 2 does nothing.

GPIO is an unfortunate term. GPIO1 was a GPIO until we wrote the code. At that point it was no longer a general purpose pin. It was fixed as an interrupt pin.

But the use of GPIO2 is undefined at the moment.

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Thanks John,
As I suspected but thought I'd ask anyway.
If you do get around to defining a purpose for GPIO2 I hope you will keep my second interrupt (or threshold interrupt) idea in mind.