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STSW-IMG040 and STSW-IMG-035 - API Footprint RAM and FLASH consumption

Associate II

Hello all,

I'm looking for a rough estimation of required RAM and FLASH for the  VL53L8CLD Driver and the VL53L8CX ULD Driver together  with STSW-IMG035 Gesture Layers. The GestureEVK_UM.pdf  (v1.5.0) shows on page 49 some indication for the artifacts "VL53LMZ FW", "VL53LMZ ULD Mass Market Driver", "Gesture App Layers" and "Gesture Algo". Does the naming convention "LMZ"  mean that the ressource consumtion estimation for VL53L5CX and VL53L8CX is almost the same - I know that the FW is different but driver API should be 100% identical ? And is this a worst case estimation ( all features enabled ) or a typical-case or best-case mentioned in the manual ?  I'm also wondering that the artifact "VL53LMZ ULS Mass Market" only  requires 144 Bytes of RAM - is this a correct value ? 



Billy OWEN
ST Employee

Hi @LK 


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