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Teseo_liv3fl RF Board Design: Can I change 0402 packages to 0603?


Hi. I'm currently designing a board that uses Teseo_liv3fl. In its recommended layout and schematic, the components are in 0402 packages and some active components are tiny: BGA824N6E6329XTSA1 and B39162B4327P810. We only solder manually for now as it is still under development stage, and it's been difficult to solder 0402 and the stated active components due to their size. Is it possible to change these components to 0603 and replace the active components with similar replacements without compromising the performance, frequency, etc.? Or changing the packaging will cause impedance mismatch?


Link to hardware datasheet:

ST Employee

The only problem with such components is the pad size.

It could add parasitic capacitors and some impedance breaks between line width and their side.

Anyway, it should work. We never tested 0603 for RF matching : only 0402