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What is the range of frequency that 1N5711 diode can operate at my element? OR What is the range of Reverse Recovery Time of 1N5711 diode at my element? (Trr) OR What is the cutoff frequency at my element?


Hello. My name is Dae Hun Hwang from Korea.

I am making Lectenna. (LED + Rectify + Antenna)

I attached my circuit and picture.

Length of my element is about 6cm.

I used normal LED and 1N5711.

I am experimenting at 2.4GHz.

Thank you.​

ST Employee

As already mentioned in my previous post, the reverse recovery time of Schottky diodes is determined by two factors: the inductance of the external wiring and the internal junction capacitance, which is why it cannot be included in the datasheet. Beside the given junction capacitance, the maximum switching speed therefore depends heavily on your layout.

In your case you are adding a huge junction capacitance from the LED to the small junction capacitance of 4pF, so there's no point in thinking about reverse recovery times.

For readers who stumble across this: the topic corresponds to the so-called rectenna, for which there is some craft solutions, e.g. here.



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