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STM32CubeMonitor-Power Save Graph button doesn't work

Andrew Larkin
Associate III

We have previously used version 1.1.0 without issue but are now using 1.2.1 on Windows11.

We find that the Save Graph button doesn't do anything.  We expect to see the usual save dialog but get nothing.

Currently using an STLINK-V3PWR.  Previously used X-NUCLEO-LPM01A.

Could this be some cached settings from the old version that need to be cleared somewhere?


Andrew Larkin
Associate III

More information...

The button does work if you can manage to click on it.

When you click the mouse over the graph, it will change the mouse cursor from an arrow to a crosshair.  I am guessing the mouse is then being captured by the application to allow selection of an area of the chart.

The region of the window being calculated for this function is incorrect and includes at least the top half of the "Save Graph" and "Add Data Log" buttons.

In order to get the buttons to work, I have to click on the lower half of the button.

ST Employee

Thank you for reporting this incident.

According to your problem description, it appears that the clickable area of the button does not correspond to the actual surface of the button.

We will try to reproduce the problem and, if possible, correct it.