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How to reach 480MHz for STM32H7xx MCUs

ST Employee

How to reach 480MHz on system clock for STM32H7xx MCUs using STM32CubeMX?

You can reach 480MHz only for the following STM32H7 part numbers : 

  • STM32H747/757 
  • STM32H745/755 
  • STM32H743/753
  • STM32H742
  • STM32H750

Note: For some parts, you need to check the maximum frequency from the datasheet.
This is not enough! you also need to check the errata sheet. In fact, there is the following limitation : 

480 MHz maximum CPU frequency not available on silicon revision Y ( product STM32H743xI) 

Errata sheet  STM32H743 : Errata sheet - STM32H750xB STM32H753xI - STM32H750xB and STM32H753xI device limitations 
There are 3 revisions:


VOS0 voltage scaling level is not available on silicon revision Y devices.
This limits the maximum CPU frequency to 400 MHz.


Use silicon revision V devices to reach a maximum frequency of 480 MHz.


STM32cubeMX steps:

Open STM32CubeMX and create a new project for STM32H743xI/G.

  • Now from the tab “RCC” select the revision V:
  •   Change the Power Regulator Voltage Scale to Power Regulator Voltage Scale 0:
  • Select the “Clock Configuration” tab:


Now all you have to do is use any of your application code with 480MHz on system clock.
Hope you enjoyed it!
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