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CubeMX configuration for STM32F469I-Discovery(rev C) LCD screen

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I have been trying to light up the LCD screen using CubeMX configuration for a few days now.

Whenever I try an example, it works fine.

However, whenever I try to replicate an example with CubeMX it do not work.

I tried the following examples: LCD_Paint, LCD_DSI_CmdMode_TearingEffect_ExtPin .

I tried to setup the DSI and LTDC peripherals via cubeMX (addign the BSP to the code, adding the required functions to initialize the SDRAM and to initialize the NT35510 LCD controller). I tried by setting the DSI in video mode and Adapted Command Mode with TE. None worked, whatever the configuration I tried (which I based on the working examples cited above). However when I call the function BSP_LCD_Init() in my code, it lights up the screen.

Then I tried to replicate the code of the LCD_DSI_CmdMode_TearingEffect_ExtPin example (and calling the LCD_Init() function from my main (which should at least light-up the screen with garbage content) ). It does not work. I stripped my code to the point where the main functions look identical in the exampel and in my CubeMX project but it won't light-up.

I even went up to trying to duplicate the register content of the working configuration while debugging. For that I ran my example in debug mode, placing a breakpoint before the call to HAL_DSI_Start(). When I reached the breakpoint, I manually modified the SFRs for LTDC and DSI to match the configuration of the working example. It did not work either.

I am at a loss. The documentation STM makes available concerning the LCD display of the STM3F469I-Disco is really weak. There are several application notes, but none helped me in this case. I saw people asking the same kind of questions in 2017 (yes, SIX years ago) and did not receive any answer (only that STM was supposedly working on writing some CubeMX examples for the board which are still nowhere to be found).

So please, did someone encounter the same problem I did? How did you solve it.

@STM engineers, please, am I missing something here?

Thank you for your help.

My setup:

STM32CubeIDE on windows V1.11.2, using firmware pack V1.27.1


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@Semer CHERNI​ 


It have been a few months now. Do you have any updates on this topic?


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ST Employee

Hello @MDiep.1​ 

First let me thank you for posting.

Maybe the easiest way to get used to LCD manipulation is to start from the TouchGFX tool.

It contain a template for the boards that you are using. And it will generate the initialization code to make you able to developpe your application.

Hope this reply help resolve you question. If that's the case please select it as best answer.

Kind regards,


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Thank you for your reply and sorry for getting back so late I did not see I had a reply.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the TouchGFX package does not configure the ioc file with the required parameters? I am not sure how and where I am supposed to be looking for that...

I am looking for information on how to configure CubeMX so that I can add just initialize the SDRAM and the display controller (NT35510 for my board) and get going.

In all the different configurations I tried, upon execution of the NT35510 init functions, the screen did not even light up. However when I execute the BSP init function in debug mode, as soon as the NT35510 init function is executed, the screen lights up.

I hope my question is clear, do not hesitate to tell me if it is not.

Thank you for your help !

Hi @Semer CHERNI​,

Did you have time to have a look at this again?



Associate II

@Semer CHERNI​ 


It have been a few months now. Do you have any updates on this topic?