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STM32F103CBT6 Driving PWM for Synchronous DC/DC Buck Converter

Associate II


I am quite new to STM32 MCU family and have a quick question. I attached schematic for the reference. 

Is STM32F103CBT6 capable of driving complementary 50 kHz of PWM signals(HI and LO) with configurable duty cycle for the gate driver IC? Yes, I am aware that the chip has configurable PWM pins and it is possible to implement. But is it possible as a feedback controller? I am building a synchronous buck converter by using gate driver IC and STM32 as a feedback controller. Is there any limitation on the MCU itself that I need to be aware..? So far open loop without using STM32 is working on the board. Now I am trying to use MCU as a feedback controller but I am hearing some comments that it's impossible...

Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you 


Associate II

any help on this thread :(?