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SPBT2632C1A module alive?

Posted on February 21, 2014 at 21:28

I hooked up a SPBT2632C1A Bluetooth module.  It successfully paired with a Windows8.1 machine, and created Device Enumerations under Bluetooth for the Amp'ed Up!, and as that ''Other Device''

I wanted to try to talk to the module. How do you do it?  It does not appear as a Comm Port like the PC's Bluetooth module does.

Is there an Amp'd Up driver missing?

I am looking at UM1547 as the reference, but I don't see anything about how to establish presumably serial communication, just the commands once you do.

Can someone please shed some light?


Posted on February 22, 2014 at 21:49

Right.  I figured this out, but it took a heck of a lot of trial and error that could easily be tacked into that app note.  I will try to show some of the confusing steps:

Step 1: Hook up a serial terminal to the chip itself. Otherwise you will go crazy.  That's pins 6&8 for RX/TX.  The default is 115200, 8, none, 1.  If you power up the chip it will spit out a string every time and you can issue AT+AB commands.  If you don't get that, check your setup.

Step 2: Pair the device.  In Win8.1 for instance, it pairs, but does not show connected very long once it does.  Under Bluetooth Settings>Ports, you can see that it assigned it (2) Comm ports, incoming and outgoing.  If you are using a HyperTerminal program such as Indigo, you'll want to connect to the OUTGOING port, and your BAUD settings MUST match either the default, or whatever you changed them to.

Step 3: Open the hyperterm to the Amp'ed In device, (I did this while monitoring the serial port on the device).  When you open the term, the device spits out:

AT-AB ConnectionUp 0002723ff4df

AT-AB -BypassMode-

Then whatever you type on the host PC comes out on the device port.  It stays that way until you close the terminal session, then it reverts to local control.

Good luck.

Posted on March 02, 2014 at 17:41

Hey Chris, 

Were you able to get a reliable UART communication with this BT module? I don't know if perhaps my polling/DMA UART implementations on the STM32 chip are incorrect, or if this chip occasionally spits back spurious values?