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How to connect the steval mki207v1 and F401RE

BDa S.1
Associate II

Good afternoon,

May be I'm gonna to ask you a bad question. I want to know if it's possible to connect the F401RE with the steval mki207v1 without an IKS board.

Thanks for your answers.

Have a good day

Julian E.
ST Employee

Hello @BDa S.1​ ,

Thank you for your question. Indeed, you can connect the MKI207v1 to your NUCLEO. You need to do the following connections:

  • Bus: i2c <=> I2C1 (PB8, PB9)
  • Interrupt line: INT1 <=> PC0

Best regards,

Have a good day

BDa S.1
Associate II

Thank you for you help