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Seeking A-to-Z for STM32F042 usb to Android


I have a small third-party board with an STM32F042 on it. When I connect it via USB to my Windows 10 computer, it automatically shows up as a COM port. When I connect it to my Ubuntu (VM), it also automatically shows up as /dev/ttyACM0. I also see the usb vendor ID is AD50 and Product ID is 60C4. When I connect it to my TECLAST P80h Android 7.0 tablet, I don't yet know what happens! I'm trying to figure that out and am seeking your help.

It seems that both Windows and Ubuntu already have a driver such that the OS recognizes the pre-programmed STM32F042 and connects that driver to the hardware. I am hoping Android has and does the same, but I've been unable to confirm this so far.

Can you offer advice on whether or not my Android 7.0 tablet is likely to already have the appropriate driver?

Beyond that, I am hoping or wanting to get the board to show up as a serial port. Then I want to access that serial port from a java program developed with AndroidStudio. I would appreciate any germane pointers there, as well. I found , but so far I can't get the library to build successfully.

EDIT: Oh yes, that board is

EDIT: Here's another phrasing of the question. Perhaps the case is that I need an ST32M virtual com port (VCP) driver for an Android host. My research has now shown that the github link above is hard coded to support devices with only the 5 drivers built into the library. Either I need to know if one of those drivers is compatible with the ST32M, or I need to add a 6th driver specifically for the ST32M. That would be java source code to drive the ST32M from Android. Is such compatibility info or source code available?