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Associate III

I've encountered an issue while simulating a schematic in the eDsim software. I attempted to create a schematic resembling the reference design by exporting the schematic of a 100W flyback converter from the online tool of ST eDesign suite. I then made some modifications to it, such as adding voltage divider resistors to mimic the function of the USB PD controller. I referred to the datasheet of the USB PD controller STUSB4710 for the resistance values of the voltage divider( R1=100K, R3=8k87 to have 15V, R4=2K49 to have 12V, R5=4K42 to have 9V and R6= 16K2 to have 5V).

During the simulation, I was able to obtain the 20V, 15V, and 12V PDOs, but I couldn't get the other two PDOs, 9V and 5V, to show up. My objective is to display all five PDO output voltages I can't see where is the problem wether in the resistance value or something else.

Additionally, for synchronous rectification, I replaced the Schottky diode with a MOSFET. I attempted to mimic the function of the SRK1001 by sensing the drain voltage of the MOSFET and comparing it between two values, VTH_on and VTH_off, which represent the minimum and maximum gate-source voltages of the MOSFET.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in correcting my schematic to display the 9V and 5V voltages. Additionally, I would like to hear your thoughts on the solution I implemented to mimic the SRK1001. I have attached the eDsim file of my schematic and a screenshot of the simulation result for your reference.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to your guidance and feedback.