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Erwan YVIN
ST Employee
Posted on April 14, 2017 at 13:37

SPC5Studio 5.3.0 is available

Dear All ,

SPC5Studio 5.3.0 is available

*** Highlights ***

Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.3.0

- Added FreeRTOS support for Bolero, K2, Velvety

- New platform for SPC5BxL3-ADIS board

- I2C support for Bolero

- Add support for second CAN in Pictus

- K2 Starter kit

   Platform component RLA

   Board init component RLA

   Basic serial RLA driver

   Clock component RLA

   IRQ Component RLA

   PinMap Wizard

   DSPI driver and demos for K2

- Dual core support for K2

   Core Selection for Interrupt dispatching (K2)

- Velvety Starter kit

- CAN driver support for Velvety

- Several bugs and improvements, please refer to

 (SPC5Studio part)

*** Notes ***

- Make sure to read the SPC5Studio Users Guide and Components

Writers Guide in

the help section.

Enjoy SPC5Studio,

The SPC5Studio Team.

#automotive #spc5studio #spc56 #spc57
Associate II
Posted on April 20, 2017 at 08:58


Could you please move SPC5Studio update site to faster server? Now I try update my spcstudio setup. Second try. Download speed 17 kb/s for 439 mb file return me to year 2000.

Also, could you plase update download SPC5Studio link to latest version? As workaround I try uninstal/install strategy, but I can't download latest version as installation image.

Can't update again