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CAN interrupt callback while using FreeRTOS. As ususal ,I'm trying to access the CANRxFrame through RX callback interrupt, but while using freeRTOS , the interrupt is not getting generated.

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Erwan YVIN
ST Employee

Hello prashanth ,

Have you enable the CAN interruption and set the corresponding IO Settings ?

You should use the debugger and check the status of your CAN IP.

Best Regards


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Hello Erwan,

Thanks for your prompt response.

Now, it is working fine.

Actually, there was some mismatching in pin mapping while code generation.  That's why both transmit and receive APIs aren't working correctly.

I've another question here, where can I find the piece of code, in which the data pointer to CAN0TX and CAN0RX are mapped to PB[0] & PB[1]?  This could help me even understand better.

Thanks in advance.

Prashanth Mohan.