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Why we get 15 % difference of selected and real output range from GYRO in ASM330LLH sensor


I have one topic that is not super clear (or maybe it’s normal and I just don’t know something, I’m new in “sensors�?).

Let’s say, range of ACC is set to 2g and we will get highest positive output(32768 in decimal), we can get proper resolution from datasheet (0.061 mg / lsb) and count that is 1998,848mg(~2g) what is less than 0.1 % difference between selected range and output.

But if we get same output of gyroscope with range set to 125 dps and multiply it by resolution 4.37(from datasheet too) we get 143196,16 mdps(~143 dps) what is ~15% difference from selected range.

What is the reason for this discrepancy between the configured and real range in GYRO?

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @PTata.1​ ,

Welcome to ST Community!

The ASM330LLH is a digital inertial module and the sensitivity values are calculated over a representative sample, the sensitivity values are calibrated during test and trim and they are guaranteed in the whole measurement ranges (+/-5%).

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