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Why do you qualify ESDCAN up to 175°C ?

ST Employee

Why do you qualify ESDCAN up to 175°C ? Is it an ambient temperature in car/commercial vehicle?

  • Usually the ambient temperature close to the engine is about 125°C but in some specific cases (like gearbox for example) we may have a maximum ambient temperature up to 160°C.

  • Sometimes, our customers have specific repetitive pulses with a non negligible average Power leading to junction temperature increase (due to the Thermal resistance of the package). A max junction temperature of 175°C instead of 150°C gives more margin.

  • Anyway, qualifying at Tj=175°C means that we perform all the reli-ability tests at 175°C (HTRB, TCT and so on).

  • It makes the products compatible with most of the mission profiles you may find in automotive, even the more stringent.


hello to protect my office whn i work 🙂 it seems .

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