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STM8AF5288 - CAN issues

I'm trying to get my STM8AF5288 to read CAN from a TJA1050.I had it reading perfectly.  1Mbps @ 16Mhz.  Using time_seg1 of 8, tim_seg2 of 7, prescale of 1.  SJW1.The sending unit is an Arduino attached to an MCP2515 and TJA1050.  Verified with anothe...

WS2812B with STM8s003

Hello, I have bought an STM8s003 board and would like to use it to control ws2812B LEDs. But the libraries I have used with other controllers e.g. FastLED are not compatible with the STM8s003. Do you have any idea how I can solve this? I would prefer...

Erik1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM8L151C8U6

Hello , Can you help me for the microntroleur reference 1) Why don't you recommend this product for new designs ?2) Do you have an idea of the number of years before the end of its life ?3) NRND information available in an PCN ? Thank you in advance

sguec.1 by Associate II
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STVD setup

I changed my laptop system from "Windows 7" to "Windows 10" and reinstalled "STVD", "STVP", "COSMIC Software". When I try to set the toolset in the "STVD" window for "STM8 Cosmic", the root path "C:\Program Files (x86)\COSMIC\FSE_Compilers\CXSTM8" an...

Resolved! How to check the checksum via STVP_Cmdline

I download firmware in s19 format via STVP program.I would like to know how to check the checksum of firmware via STVP_Cmdline.How can I check it through the command?

Resolved! Why does my Cosmic compiler license fail?

When I do a "Rebuild all" of a new, blank project, I get the following errors:----------- Project test - STM8 Cosmic - Configuration Debug -------------Removing intermediate files ... Done!----------- Project test - STM8 Cosmic - Configuration Debug ...

lyoy by Associate III
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SDCC 4.4.0 and a comparison of current STM8 C compilers

Two days ago, SDCC 4.4.0, a C compiler targeting various 8-bit architectures, including STM8, was released. IMO, for the ST8, the main two improvements over SDCC 4.3.0 are:New optimizations, in particular generalized constant propagation and the rota...

Resolved! Where the configuration is stored in STVP

I would like to know where the configuration set in STVP is stored.I'd like to set the configuration automatically, but I don't know where the default storage address is.