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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.13.0 released

ST Employee

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.13.0 release information

New features

  • Added support for the STM32H5 series:
    • STM32H563/573
      • Debug authentication with password or certificate
      • Authentication key provisioning
      • Key generation
      • Firmware encryption and signing
      • Certificate generation
    • STM32H503
      • Debug authentication with password or certificate
      • Firmware encryption and signing
  • Added support for the STM32WBA series:
    • Flash memory and OTP programming, and option bytes
  • Updated support for the STM32U5 series:
    • STM32U535/545:
      • SFI support (user interface and command-line interface) Flash memory, option bytes, RDP regression with password, and OTP programming.
    • STM32U595/5A5:
      • SFI update (user interface and command-line interface)
      • SFIx update
        • Via debug: user interface and command-line interface
        • Via bootloader: command-line interface only
  • Added support for the STLINK-V3PWR:
    • Debug
    • Bridge to bootloader interfaces (SPI, I2C, and CAN)
  • Added new calculator features:
    • Number converter
    • File and flash memory checksum

Fixed issues

65657 Add the checksum display as done for the ST-LINK utility.

115829 [TrustedPackageCreator] Register naming mismatch between reference manual and .csv file.

116552 Possible attack on OEM1KEY and OEM2KEY.

129709 External flash memory programming issues in auto mode.

132975 [STM32G0] Erase selected sectors does not work properly on 256-Kbyte devices.

135017 [STM32CubeProg-GUI] Message must be updated while disabling RDP regression with password value.

135436 [API] Unhandled exception in writeMemory().

136195 [STM32CubeProg][STM32C0] STM32C031C4T6: wrong flash memory size.

136233 [CLI] ST-LINK serial number is ignored in shared mode.

137687 [CLI] Missing data from hex file when using safelib.

138051 [STM32CubeProg] STM32L5 CLI displaying protected flash memory content.

140627 [STM32CubeProg][STM32G4 256 Kbytes][0x495] Erase selected sectors does not work properly on 256-Kbyte devices with dual-bank mode (reopen).

140973 [STM32CubeProg-Connection] Connection issues for STM32G031J4M6.

141725 [STM32CubeProg][STM32G0 0x466] User configuration option bytes programming failed.

142009 [[STM32CubeProg-Register_Viewer] NVIC_ISERx[1-4] addresses are incorrect in the register viewer.

142286 [STM32H5][STM32CubeProg] Cannot erase the flash memory when TZEN=0.

Known problems and limitations



Associate II

The new GUI installer (since v2.12.0) prevents the STM32CubeProgrammer from being installed in a container. Is there a command line or headless variant of the installer for the STM32CubeProgrammer?

I have been using it (up to v2.11.0) as a development environment with the VSCode DevContainers Extension; it has been amazing! Now that I can no longer install STM32CubeProgrammer in the container, I'm having to switch over to OpenOCD for flashing and debugging. I would prefer to stick with ST, but I need a headless installer.

Is there any way to install the STM32CubeProgrammer without a GUI? If not, may I request this as a feature?