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STM32CubeMonitor-RF v2.12.0 is available

Hello A new 2.12.0 version of STM32CubeMonitor-RF is available on You can download it on on "Get latest" to download the version 2.12.0. What are the main changes in this versio...

STM32 Monitor with B-STLINK-ISOL V3

I'm having trouble monitoring signals of my project running on an STM32G431 through STLINK-V3SET and B-STLINK-ISOL. The system works well with the STLINK-V3SET alone.Regarding link settings on the STLINK-V3SET and B-STLINK-ISOL: I've removed JP1 on t...

SW-Mark by Visitor
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Resolved! Can you make the time interval shorter?

i increases by 1.  The delay is 1.stm cubemonitor variables node I received the data as an Excel file.x is the time, and y is the value of i.The time interval of the data is 1 ms(=0.001s).Can you make the time interval shorter?If you can shorten the ...

kust_0-1694172635958.png kust_1-1694172947882.png kust_0-1694174685697.png kust_2-1694173042856.png
kust by Associate II
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Resolved! Get exefile parameter from "variables"-node

Hello,I'm using the current version of STM32CubeMonitor (1.6.0) under Windows and would like to check in my flow if the configured exefile in the STMicroelectronics variable node is the intended one (e.g fits a regex). For this I would like to read o...

MKori.1 by Associate III
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STM32CubeMonitor stuck at 10% when parsing .elf

When compiling with Maximum (-g3) Debug level, Add new exe-config config mode stalls at 10% when loading .elf. Why is this? Is there a limit to the number of symbols or the size of the .elf?If compiled with Default (-g) Debug level, then loads OK.Whe...

_kj_ by Associate
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STM32CubeMonPwr for Linux

Hi, Does anybody has a problem with latest version (1.2.1) of the STM32CubeMonPwr software? Looks like Linux archive is broken. I tried to fix it but without any success.