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VSCode for STM32 extension 1.0.0 released

ST Employee

VSCode for STM32 extension 1.0.0 is available now

STM32 VS Code Extension

STM32 embedded development support added to Visual Studio Code.

A new STM32 VS Code Extension view container is added to the activity bar which contains lists of functionality that can be activated through a click.


STM32CubeCLT is a toolset for third-party integrated development environment (IDE) providers, allowing the use of STMicroelectronics proprietary tools within their own IDE frameworks.

It is required for basic build and debug functionality.

For full functionality, three programs need to be installed on your computer:


  • Create VS Code compatible projects from STM32Cube projects
  • Shortcut to create new application projects in STM32CubeMX
  • Cloning of STM32Cube firmware from GitHub
  • Resources containing shortcuts relevant for STM32 development
    • STM32 MCU Developer Zone
    • STM32 firmware on GitHub
    • STMCUFinder
    • ST Community forum
    • Give feedback

Create VS Code compatible projects from STM32Cube projects

This feature makes use of the extension "Embedded Tools" by Microsoft to create a VS Code compatible project from an STM32Cube project.

When clicked, a file selection window is opened up where a cproject file can be selected to import the project.

Shortcut to create new application projects in STM32CubeMX

Opens STM32CubeMX if it is installed on your computer.

When opened up a new application project can be created.

Cloning of STM32Cube firmware from GitHub

Allows selecting firmware for an STM32 device to be downloaded and used in the project or used for source code referencing.

STM32 MCU Developer Zone

A web page dedicated to STM32 developers describing all key ecosystem elements of STM32 and STM32Cube.

STM32 firmware on GitHub

This is where STM32 firmware can be browsed for download or source code referencing.


Opens STMCUFinder if it is installed on your computer.

This allows you to browse through the available ST MCUs to find the ones suitable for your projects.

ST Community forum

A place where you can get support from other developers and ST employees, as well as contribute your own knowledge to help others.

Give feedback

This is where you can provide your feedback about this extension that you want us to hear.

Where to get get it

available on the VS Code Extension Marketplace

Associate III

Hi All,

Does anybody know how to see the peripherals register when debugging? I can only see the registers in CPU.


Best Regards


Need to Install Cortex-M Debug Extension​, Enjoy debugging!

Associate III


How to make a project for Visual Studio Code using STM32CubeMX? In the current version there is still no option to choose VS Code as IDE.

In the installation process, do I need to install STM32CubeCLT even if my machine already has STM32CubeIDE installed?

Hi Amend,

Yes VSCode is not yet listed as an IDE in STM32CubeMX but it is totally compatible with STM32CubeIDE projects, so you have to select STM32CubeIDE as toolchain and the import the project in VSCode by using the import project menu.

if it is already installed it is ok

Associate III

Hi Nawres,

I have some doubts in the installation process. In the video contained in the link below, you only need to install the STM32 extension, but in the text of the same link I would supposedly need to install the STM32CubeCLT. Could you send me the procedure to have full development support for STM32 using VS Code?


Is this coming to also?

I have all the dependencies installed. I tried to import a project after generating it with CubeMX for STM32CubeIDE. The importer does not recognise any of the files in the folder as an "ST projects" file. Any ideas?

The .cproject file might not be visible since files/folders beginning with a "." are usually treated as hidden. On Ubuntu I had to right click blank space in the directory picker and check "show hidden files".



I'm trying to run an CubeMx generated project on Win10

and I've following error:

See LICENSE.txt for license information.

> Bundled version of vcpkg: "2023-01-24-8a88d63f241d391772fbde69af9cab96c3c64c75".

> Running vcpkg with arguments ["activate","--project","d:\\tmp\\test","--json","C:\\Users\\pawel\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\a2389955aa436cb38da1dafe11f3fdb9"].

warning: vcpkg-ce ('configure environment') is experimental and may change at any time.

Downloading vcpkg-artifacts bundle 2023-01-24...


write_contents("C:\Users\pawel\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\globalStorage\ms-vscode.vscode-embedded-tools\vcpkg\root\node_modules\ce-sha.txt"): no such file or directory

> Failed with exit code "1".

> Failed to activate environment at "d:\tmp\test\vcpkg-configuration.json".

when trying to load local project

Best regards