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STM32MP15 Tips for schematics review

Where is the "sanity check list" for your schematics based on STM32MP1x family


You are about to be complete your schematics

After the use of the HW getting starting application note

AN5031Getting started with STM32MP151, STM32MP153 and STM32MP157 line hardware development’ 

AN5474 Getting started with STM32MP13x line hardware development’ 

There is the "Schematic-sanity-check" document to double check your schematics and get some tips.

Checks points on different aspects are listed like power supply domains, system signals (reset line,wakeup pins,clocks), flash boot device configurations, USB sub-system,...
In addition, is available a section 'general recommendations' about specificity of some subsystem (STPMIC, DRAM, USB, ADC, etc ..) for which designers should pay attention. 
-> "Schematic sanity check MP1.docx" is available

Other links

Next steps is the board bring-up, see hints with FAQ :FAQ: STM32MP1 How to bring up STM32MP1 - STMicroelectronics Community

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