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Firmware Deployment on STM32MP157D M4 Core


I am working on building a Yocto-based Linux distribution for the STM32MP157D SoC. I have already set up the process to build the Linux image successfully. However, I need guidance on the following:

Deploying Firmware on M4 Core

  • What is the correct procedure to deploy firmware on the M4 coprocessor core of the STM32MP157D?
  • Are there any best practices or considerations I should keep in mind while deploying firmware on the M4 core?

Communication between A7 and M4 Cores

  • How can I establish communication between the main A7 core (running Linux) and the M4 coprocessor core?
  • Are there any examples or sample code available to demonstrate the communication between the two cores?

I would greatly appreciate any guidance, documentation references, or code examples that could help me accomplish these tasks efficiently. Thank you in advance for your assistance.