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Is it possible to power the board without using the USB-C ?

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On the STM32MP157-DK1 schematic there is a note to say "WARNING - do not supply 3V3,5V from Arduino shield", even though it looks as though pin 5 on CN16 is electrically connected to 5V_VIN via a 0R resistor.

It's going to be very inconvenient to use the USB-C connector from within an enclosure , so I was wondering if that was just because the board wants more power than a single pin can provide ? Or if there's another reason.

There is no such note on the GPIO Expansion header (where pins 2,4 are connected to 5V_IN) - is this because there are 2 pins to share the load, or should I not power the board from the GPIO expansion header either ?

ST Employee


Discovery board are for evaluation purposes. You are free to make modifications if you feel confident on HW side.

Note: if you power the board outside the Type-C connector, you will have a wrong detection of USB Type-C CC1/CC2 lines, and the board will probably stop the boot sequence.

You could probably fake that detection by providing relevant pull-up from 5V supply (see USB Type-C standard) or by modifying the SW.

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My coworker provided 2 fip-*.bin that bypass the check for USB-C power so that STM32MP157F-DK2 can be powered from our custom connector board. So the answer is yes, the board was powered without USB-C he said. I'm not sure if the fip*.bin should be put into fip-a or fip-b partition, but will try fip-a soon. Any hints appreciated.