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Unable to access the CFG_HW_USART1_DMA_TX_SUPPORTED parameter on Nucleo-STM32WB55 for BLE use



I'm a beginner on CubeIDE but I want to learn how to use the BLE from the STM32WB55 Nucleo Board. I've been following several tutorials throughout the web, from ST and others, such as or I do everything as told, but my problem appears when I try to set the BLE. There I have disable everything, except from the Custom Template parameter:


Then, in Configuration, I enable CFG_HW_USART1_ENABLED which is supposed to give me access to the next parameter: CFG_HW_USART1_DMA_TX_SUPPORTED but this one stays unaccessible as shown here: 



I've followed the red message to ensure that everything was right, but the previous steps already checks those requests.

Does anyone has any hint for me? 
I would appreciate it a lot. 
Thanks in advance!

ST Employee

Hello @Curious_Intern

First you should continue the BLE Advertising to complete data located in the app_conf.h ,  ble_conf.h and app_ble.c . After that, the next step is the USART setup so go to USART interface and select Asynchronous Mode , then you should to go to DMA settings tab to add the USART1_TX so then click on USART1_TX line to show DMA Request Settings Also go to NVIC Settings tab and enable USART1 global interrupt After that go to STM32_WPAN setup interface and select the configuration tab and enable the application traces, set CFG_DEBUG_TRACES_UART on hw_uart1 .

This WIKI can help you ( ). 

Best Regards,