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How to use ble module on B-U585I-IOT02A ?


Before writing, I apologize for the unsophisticated use of English.


Hello, I'm student who struggle with ble.

I want to transmit the IMU GYRO Info & Camera Video ( or Image ) by STM32WB Module on the board. But I don't have any idea for starting ble.

I already read the Guide for Starting BLE ( such as WIKI, BLE_AT_Client example, user guide, youtube video, and etc.). But I met the limitation caused by hardware gap ( such pin out and etc. ).  So, I could not make code bout using ble.

Can I get some any code sniffets or Info bout using ble with b-u585 dk? I'm so sorry if it was very rudimentary or if I looked it up and found an answer quickly.


ST Employee

Hello @SungBin0613

 on my side, I think you should start from the BLE_AT_Client example and adapt it so it can do what you need. Also, refer to the STM32WB5MMG Documentations and the MCU inside this Module to understand how it work.

Best Regards.


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