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TouchGFX Project using the H757i-EVAL Board


Hi, I decided to learn how to create GUIs using TouchGFX and upon creating a project on TouchGFX, 2 questions popped up on my mind:
1 - There's no template for the H757i-Eval Board; what would be the right procedure? Is there still some sort of template that I could use?
2 - It's a Dual-Core Board, and as far I noticed, TouchGFX also has that Single-Core trend, just like you have when creating a RTOS (ThreadX) Project on CubeIDE, where you kind of have to select a Core for that Reat-Time part.
What would be the right procedure here?
I searched for the right approach when it comes to this board, but there's nothing on it. It seems like a got the wrong board.

ST Employee

Hello @nnoK ,

As you mentioned there's no TBS for the STM32H757I-EVAL board. So in your case, the right procedure would be to create a project from STM32CubeMX and then add the X-Cube-TouchGFX component to it that will allow you to design your app. We have a video on our Youtube channel that explains it very well, I invite you to have a look at it 😉

The fact that it's a double-core board is not a problem, we do have the STM32H747 and the STM32H745 boards TBS for example which are also double-core, so you can use them as a reference if you need to. 

Tell me if you don't succeed in it, and I'll try to guide you more.


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX
ST Employee

Hello @nnoK,

Any news concerning your project? Did you succeed in creating your own TBS?

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX
Associate III

Hi ,,,

Osman recommended video tutorial is very informative.

do you want to use DSI LCD which is onboard ? or you want to use generic LCD with RGB interface ?

My tips ,, Divide the MX Project in 2 parts / steps .

1. Configuring the TFT of your desire interface and first play with some random colors.

2. Add the FreeRTOS & TouchGFX in your MX project.

TouchGFX folder will be added in your project , and you can have your first screen with touchgfx.

if you want to use DSI LCD , then I will recommend to generate example project for STM32F469i Discovery board for reference , since this board also have DSI LCD.

It will be good , if you struggle yourself . else I am also here for guidance.

I am able to setup any stm board for TouchGFX and qspi / ospi ..