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Can I drive a 1280×720 display with the STM32H7x7?

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I was reading in there reference manual and I found this section: 34.4.2 Supported resolutions and frame rates. But it is noted clear to me I'd I would be able to run a display with 1280×720 resolution?

Is this possible?s


Yes, have it working on an F7, the H7 should be at least as capable.

Depends on multiple factors, usually a ceiling on the pixel clock, and the DSI clock/bandwidth

1280x720@30Hz 24-bit, 2-Lane DSI@450MHz

Could probably get 50Hz 16-bit colour depth

I got 1388x768@25Hz, 1024x768@50Hz, 800x600@60Hz on VGA monitors via DVI-HDMI connection. It might actually be a tad more capable, but the monitors usually have a preferred mode list, an LCD panel might have broader acceptable options.

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Mine code is working fine on STM32H753 with 1280x720@60Hz

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Hi ..

here is my custom designed board with STM32H745XIT6 & 1024X600 TFT with TouchGFX.


INaee1_7-1687542089614.jpegCM4 running Modbus Master RTU

CM7 running TouchGFX with 256MB SDRAM

Here is TouchGFX , running on SAMSUNG TAB3 7.0 ,, 1024x600 , LVDS LCD & TouchGFX (STM32F429i-DISCOVERY + SN75LVDS83B) :


Here is TouchGFX , running on CHINESE 800X480 TFT (DE Mode) & TouchGFX (STM32F767 WILDFIRE BOARD)
Tested Modbus on it with same usb cable coz I developed st-link board with usb hub chip and ft232rl. (Power + SWD + USB232/modbus)


Here is TouchGFX , running on 5.0" ,, 720X1280 ,, RGB + SPI TFT with STM32F429i-DISCOVERY
The lcd driver chip/COG is NV3052


Here is TouchGFX , running on 5.0" ,, 800X480 ,, RGB TFT with STM32F429i-DISCOVERY,


Here is TouchGFX running on STM32F469i-DISCOVERY


Here is TouchGFX running on HP S1932 18.5" Monitor's LVDS LCD with 1366x768 resolution .
The lcd part no. is LTM185AT04 or Equivalent . The driver is STM32F429i-DISCOVERY + SN75LVDS83B


Tested following lcds.
SAMSUNG TAB3 7.0" , 1024x600 TFT
THINKPAD T400 14.1" , 1280x800 TFT
GENERIC TFT MONITORS , from 14.1" to 18.5" Maximum tested resolution is 1366x768 TFT


Does any F7 or H7 support HDMI output?

I found this post, looks interesting,

How to display on HDMI

I found this AN4860 - Introduction to DSI host on STM32 MCUs and MPUs, and this B-LCDAD-HDMI1 - DSI to HDMI adapter board for STM32 Development Tools:

Applicable products: STM32F469/479, STM32F7x8/x9, STM32L4R9/S9, STM32H747/757,
STM32MP157, STM32U599/5A9, STM32U5F9/5G9


I am sorry I have a problem and I need help. STM32H743XIT6 & 1366X768 TFT with TouchGFX but it flickers like the video Please help me. I don't know what is wrong.STM32H745XIT6 & 1024X600 TFT with TouchGFX 

The link or whatever isn't working.

There's zero detail on your actual implementation or settings.

Flashing might be due to incorrect parameters, bandwidth issues or lack of multiple frame buffers.

Is the frame buffer in 32-bit wide memory?


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Hi @Zakba.1 


you also contacted me privately.

send me the details of your project including TFT datasheet.

I have lot of experience in embedded developments and also in touchgfx.

I have many more developments in TouchGFX which are not yet shared publicly.