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X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX 4.23.1 is out!

TouchGFX 4.23.1 is now out. Please follow this link to download it. 4.23.1 Release details: Release date: January 22nd, 2024 New TouchGFX Designer Features: Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer: Fixed TextArea lineheight in canvas not matching with rende...

TouchGFX documentation feedback

We wish to always improve our documentation. The best reviews and critics always come from the people that read it, so we would like to use this post to collect your thoughts and feedbacks. Please share what you like, dislike, what you think is missi...

Share your Custom Widgets!

When creating a UI project, you may need widgets that are not part of the TouchGFX library. To create your own graphical element, the TouchGFX team suggests using the Custom Container approach. Since TouchGFX 4.20 it is possible to export and import ...

Resolved! problem with dynamic graph

Hi, my problem is that when I use the dynamic graph, when it ends on the X axis, but unfortunately the X value increases How can I solve this problem and start the X axis again from scratch?

mbagh.1 by Senior
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Resolved! How to make Fixed X-Label axis

I need to make application of pressure measurement across time by using dynamic graph feature. The X axis is time from 0 - 10 s. But as times go by beyond 10s, I want the X axis label remain as 0...10s instead of incremented for every data point adde...

BParh.1 by Senior III
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Touchgfx 4.16.1 on stm32h735 demo board work with Text and Font in internal flash but not with text and font in External flash. The images assets in external flash have never problem. Why?

My application demo is very simpe.I'm started with Cube MX 6.2.0 and the last stm32H7 Hal library available.I'm started with eval kit configuration pinout and I work with the STM32H735IGK6 eval kit.I have created a very simple application TouchGFX De...

RGenn.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! problem with handleDragEvent

Hello, when I use handleDragEvent and handleClickEvent, widgets such as buttons and sliders that need to be clicked and dragged no longer work. How can I solve this problem?

mbagh.1 by Senior
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