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VBUS Detection on STM32F769i Discovery Board

Associate II

Hi team,

              I am using stm32f769 discovery board for implementing OTG HS(MSC) on it. After seeing it's schematic am bit confused regarding the VBUS pin handling. According to the below schematic VBUS is handling by USB3300 PHY.

I. VBUS Handling 


In the above schematic , The power switch which is handling VBUS signal is connected to CPEN pin of USB3300 PHY. 


according to the above table (Datasheet of USB3300), This pin is responsible for 5v supply. 

My intention here is that, I need to monitor this ID pin, Based on this ID pin decision will be taken in firmware to enable Device stack or Host stack.


II. Configuration in STMCubeIDE

while configuring HS in STMCubeIDE for OTG HS am getting below warning


Kindly help me here.




ST Employee

Hello @Shikamaru 

About CPEN, it is kind of confusing to get power on VBUS from USB3320 PHY and 5V_USB_HS at the same time. But it needs external VBUS power source.

To monitor ID pin, you mean to implement dual role OTG? 

Would you please share you ioc file?


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